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I'm Steve.



The Short of it

After High School, I joined the Army National Guard and volunteered for several deployments. After serving 12-years of Honorable service with 3-tours, I decided to attempt my educational aspirations. I bounced around several small colleges and decided to find something that fit me and my developing ideals more comfortably. During my undergraduate studies, I spent time in the wilderness and attempted to combine wildlife, adventure, and psychotherapy. After a unique internship, I was invigorated with a passion for pursuing dual Masters degrees seeking this time to combine Theology with Psychotherapy. As such, I am an analyst in formation with the Clinical College of Colorado, an Ordained Minister in the United Church of Christ (UCC), and a member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), as well as the American Counseling Association (ACA). I believe that we are called to care for and hear our fellow humans' plights on this Earth. As such, I work to listen to the still, speaking voices of the world. I chose the UCC because it is a denomination open to individual interpretation and discovery, not unlike analysis and psychoanalytic theory. Analysis is a very free form of speaking, and it opens up more significant potential to be heard and to listen. I encourage everyone to speak freely and be open to the opportunities that arise from their unique circumstances on their life journeys.

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My Experience

Roles & Responsibilities

Plymouth Congregational Church

June 2020 - Present

As a pastor, I provide spiritual leadership to members of my church. My duties include preparing weekly sermons, preaching, and conducting worship services. It's my responsibility to interpret biblical scripture for the congregation. I also provide Pastoral care and counseling to church members and assist them in crises, health changes, and even death experiences and loss of life. Working as a Pastor may require me to officiate at special services, such as confirmations, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. I collaborate with music leadership to integrate music into church services. I also plan, create, and manage the church's website, social media, and Podcast.

St. Stephens UCC

June 2016 - April 2020

Pastoral duties are the same as listed above except we didn't have a Podcast. St. Stephens was my first call into Ministry thanks to a generous and supportive congregation led by a passionate President of the Church Council. During my tenure, we renovated a community counseling center, repaired the roof, modernized the original organ, and celebrated our Quasquicentennial Anniversary. I also coordinated and conducted several funerals, performed a Baptism and a reaffirmation of faith, and officiated the first wedding in our sanctuary in a decade.

Unpaid Intern,
Mental Health Counselor - EMU

January 2018 - May 2019

As part of my Practicum and Internship placement for my MA-Counseling, I worked part-time at the University's Counseling Services Center under direct supervision, receiving weekly feedback and guidance, allowing me to learn and grow as a counselor in training. Counseling Services provided direct mental health support for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled and attending classes on the EMU campus.

Assistant Director, Sterling College

June 2014 - June 2015

Under the guidance and full support of the Director of Admission and the President of the College, responsible for effective communication with prospective students, families, school counselors, and other constituents, enroll appropriate students throughout the year. Work closely with the Director of Admission to design and implement recruitment strategies and build admission procedures and policies that guide the overall enrollment effort. Work closely with the Director of Advancement Services and Advancement Committee to create and implement institutional fund-raising and outreach strategies and foster support of the College by alumni.

Veterans Service Coordinator, VISTA

September 2013 - May 2014

An AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) grant-funded position in which I continuously advocated for the College and the local Veterans' needs. Responsible for the successful integration and sustainment of transitioning student Veterans into the community. Partnered with area VSO's (Veterans Service Organizations; i.e., VFW, American Legion, etc.) to network and provide more significant connectivity avenues for Veterans and their families. Enhanced collaborative partnerships with financial aid, admission, academic, and mental health services on and off-campus. I created and conducted workshops for both faculty and staff and the community to raise awareness about Veterans' issues.

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors

May 2013 - August 2013

Undergraduate Internship with Heartbeat's SCUBA Warriors program in which I developed an Alumni program for the organization; S.W.A.T. (SCUBA Warriors Alumni Team). Organized, cleaned, and maintained Warrior equipment. Aided Warriors both in and out of the water with the donning and doffing of equipment. I conducted active observational investigations of operational and logistical strategies for field and site managers.

Work Study,
Sterling College

January 2012 - May 2013

I initiated a web-based platform to display multi-phasic reports from the College's energy use to promote sustainable projects and intensify interest in funding future goals. I prepared creative metrics to communicate data effectively to college administrators allowing for increased consumer awareness and better budgeting. I reviewed all data metrics for the Board of Trustees' biannual meetings keeping top administrators and the Board abreast of our energy demands and reduction progress. I initiated a formal process to create student organizations, thus producing the first set of official clubs and school sports teams. I streamlined the funding process to enhance positive and constructive recreational outlets for fellow students both on and off-campus. I established a culture of volunteerism within student life organizations by encouraging volunteer efforts and even allocating a portion of student discussed and agreed upon funds to specific activities. I helped support the College's Annual Fund through student sponsored fundraising initiatives, thereby exceeding student involvement in giving.

Squadron Fires NCO, Vermont Army National Guard

2011 - 2013

I led a mortar section, provided tactical and technical guidance to my subordinates, and provided professional support to subordinates and superiors to accomplish their duties. Received and issued orders. I coordinated indirect fire support for the mortar section, ensured the collection and proper reporting of intelligence data to the unit. I supervised a firing section and various work details, analyzed terrain, and conducted tactical and NBC operations for a squad. I maintained operational security. I prepared, operated, and maintained secure communications equipment, reciprocally laid mortars, consolidated and reorganized a mortar squad, and supervised fire direction center personnel.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

2006 - 2011

I Assisted in the managing and directing of the day–to–day operations of all Housekeeping and laundry functions and provided support to the Executive Housekeeper in all areas of a Housekeeping operation, such as staff training, coaching, and counseling and consistently inspected and enforced adherence to the Hard Rock Hotel Standards of Excellence. Participated in and implemented quality assurance for the Housekeeping department and department cost control measures. I made sure my team achieved the required Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino brand standards.

Battalion FDC Chief,
Florida Army National Guard

2001 - 2011

Responsible for the morale, health, and training of a 23 man Mortar Platoon; accountable for the maintenance, accountability, and effective utilization of all platoon-assigned weapons, night observation devices, communications equipment, and personal equipment worth over $2,500,000, including 7 HMMWVs and 8 Mortar Weapon Systems; counseled, disciplined, and developed soldiers and NCOs into competent leaders; maintained the highest state of combat readiness regardless of conditions and personnel changes; advised the Mortar Platoon Leader, the Operations Officer, and the Battalion Commander on the tactical and technical employment of Mortars.



My Studies

Doc Student
North Dakota State University

August 2020 - Present

I am currently taking a Medical Leave of Absence after having a major medical event that required me to focus more attention on myself and my family. When not at medical appointments, follow-ups, or post-ops, I am spending my free time with my wife and our two beautiful daughters with the intention of relation and memory building. I intend to return to my Doctoral studies as soon as I am healthy enough to do so.

Analyst in Formation,
Clinical College of Colorado

2018 - Present

This formation and continuing education in Psychoanalytic theory are conducted in workshops and seminars to enhance clinical practice. The program consists of theoretical seminars, clinical workshops, and an international seminar with a Lacanian institution in Colorado. The Clinical College is inscribed in the Lacanian Fields' global network ( and responds to the local community's increasing interest via a semi-formal program of study in Lacanian analysis. Our program's faculty are local and international, and we integrate with our colleagues of the Lacanian Field.

MA Counseling
Eastern Mennonite University

September 2018 - May 2019

The Master of Arts in Counseling degree allowed me an education in professional mental health counseling. In this program, I entered into my personal psychoanalysis, took electives in psychodynamic fields, and sought continuing education in ethics and analysis while serving a local church as Pastor and Pastoral Care adviser. I also pursued additional training in suicide awareness and prevention, mental health first aid, and MBTI personality types by becoming a certified facilitator.

MDiv Theology
Eastern Mennonite Seminary

September 2015 - May 2018

The Master of Divinity was a comprehensive preparation program for Christian ministry. It developed leadership for an extensive range of roles within a Church and broad knowledge of Christian churches' faith, traditions, and practices. I studied a vast assortment of theological and philosophical disciplines, which was required for my Ordination. I also took the opportunity to study abroad in the Aegean and enhance my education by adding a Clinical Pastoral component to my portfolio.

BA Self-Design
Sterling College

January 2012 - May 2014

This major integrates experiential education with a focus on therapeutic applications specific to the purpose of utilizing counseling techniques in conjunction with current experiential education practices. This focused educational plan increased my understanding of the correlating effects of therapeutic play, adventure as therapy, and the natural world as a counseling medium for troubled youth, people with disabilities, and Veterans. The minor concentration added value to these studies through the lens of agriculture and enhanced my understanding of equine therapies which has fostered a passion to research Farming and Equine Agriculture Therapies (FEAT) for Veterans.



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Event Planning

Ceremonies Galore

Public Speaking

A Valuable Skill

Microsoft Office Suite

Hobby or skill?
Power Point


Fluent English
basic Spanish
limited working knowledge of Koine (Greek) and Hebrew.

Social Media

Website Management

Creation of Social Content

Podcast & Video



Ordained Minister

United Church of Christ

Clinical Pastoral Education


Marriage and Family Facilitator

Pastoral Counseling

MBTI Facilitator

Myers-Briggs Institute

Suicide Prevention Specialist


SSI Master Diver

Frames on the Wall

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"

Thomas Jefferson



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SVA Student Leadership Delegate


Distinguished Honor Graduate

Leadership Award

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